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Training & Behavior Consultations

This is the first step in your journey. An initial consultation includes introduction, information intake, evaluation, and a basic training, behavior modification and management plan. This session will also cover hands-on training exercises specifically tailored for you and your dog. Consultations will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours and can be done virtually or in-person

In-Person Consultation - $315

*San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

Virtual Consultation - $275

*Available worldwide

Service Name

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Private Sessions

After the initial consultation you are able to schedule private sessions. These are generally about 60 minutes long.

In-Person Private Session - $250

*San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

Virtual Private Session - $215

*Available worldwide


Session Packages

Package of 4

In-Person Private Sessions - $800

*San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas

Package of 4

Virtual Private Sessions - $650

*Available worldwide

Maintenance Packages

For clients who have already done lots of training and would like to do regular sessions to: maintain training skills, address any new issues that may arise, learn new behaviors & tricks, and provide enrichment, mental stimulation, and physical exercise (some canine fitness & rehabilitation exercises can also be done). Maintenance packages can also include training walks; structured outings where skills are taught & maintained.  Perfect for reactive dogs or those who need work on their loose leash walking skills.

These appointments can be scheduled for when you are at home or while you are at work/away from home, doubling as a midday outing/potty break. Client must commit to a minimum 2 months of maintenance training.


*Only available for approved clients. Contact for more information and pricing.*

Virtual Mentoring & Case Consultations 

For dog trainers who would like to learn more, better their skills, improve client compliance & retention, or who need a consultation on a specific case.  This is not a structured “training program”; the mentor sessions are catered to each trainer’s individual needs.

*Currently only offering one-on-one mentoring services to those already working as dog trainers. 

Continued mentoring: $300 per month

Includes ~1 hour virtual session once a week & text/email support between sessions (on a limited basis based on availability).

Virtual case consultation: $85

Email case consultation: $65 

Please contact for availability before sending an email for consult.

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