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I'm so happy and proud to inform you that Atticus and I passed our test today with Therapy Dogs Inc. Thank you so much for the training that enabled us to meet this important goal. We started working with you when Atticus was just a young puppy, continued with advanced work that led him to Canine Good Citizen certification, and soon will be a certified working therapy team largely because of your guidance and training.


We love the positive approach that you take to training and the fun we have in your classes. I recommend you highly to all who love their dogs and want a happy, successful training experience.





Kriss Stauber

I met Katie 5 years ago when I adopted my Pomeranian, “Bam-Bam”.  She was not the first trainer that I brought Bam-Bam to, but she was definitely the last. She is extremely knowledgeable, energetic, caring and I am convinced that she is able to solve any problem that one might encounter with any dog. I rescued Bam-Bam who came to me with many issues. Katie, with all of her love and enthusiasm brought out the wonderful dog that was locked up inside of him. He currently is a Canine Good Citizen, knows 72 tricks and has 6 titles. I was so thrilled with her methods that when I rescued his brother, Casper, a Maltese Bichon, I instantly brought him to Katie. Casper also had issues, as he was found roaming the streets at 4 months old. At 7 months, due to Katie’s training he became a Canine Good Citizen and currently has 3 titles. He has a repertoire of tricks and will eventually catch up with his brother. I cannot even imagine not having my dogs in training classes with Katie. As long as Katie is a trainer, there will always be something to be learned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ronda Harvey

Let me preface this by saying, “I love my dog.”  I do, I love him.  However, before meeting Katie, I felt lost and hopeless.  I am an owner of a reactive dog.  Walks used to be reserved for the dead of night, skulking around with the raccoons and owls, praying that no insomniac pet owners would cross my path, knowing it would send Loki (my miniature Aussie) into a tail-spin (nub-spin).


After moving to a new apartment complex where dogs are frequently off-leash, I felt doomed.  The change of scenery had given my dog terrible separation anxiety (we went through 2 metal crates, 1 hard plastic, and a door before giving up on the confinement notion).  And walking to tire him out before leaving would turn into an adventure with a grounded, dog-shaped kite.  Barking, lunging, crying, hiding—you name it.  If it’s bad/mortifying, he did it.


My nerves frayed and the end of my rope reached, I was put in touch with Katie.


That’s where my life—and Loki’s—turned around.


I don’t speak dog and, though I sometimes have my doubts, my dog doesn’t speak English—however, we can now understand each other.  Katie has given me a voice through positive reinforcement and understanding his body language (and even how my OWN body language was amplifying his distress).  She has helped my dog build confidence.  We started working with Katie in the middle of June.  By the end of August, we could go for walks (treats and clicker in hand!) and pass by dogs.  She has even given me the confidence that Loki could do well with a puppy.  And done well he has—they are now best friends (and both enrolled in classes with Katie!).


Katie McGuire is phenomenal.  She is fantastic at explaining what we, as owners, need to do to make life with our dogs the best it can be.  Loki, a dog who 3 months ago could barely stand to be in the same room as another dog, is now in an Advanced Obedience course and will be going on to do Agility training and who knows what else?


It feels like there’s no obstacle my dog and I can’t tackle—all because of Katie.




Joker, Trevi, & I met Katie a little over two years ago and as the saying goes the rest is history! I had recently moved to the LA area and was looking for a trainer for my 10 week old Great Dane puppy, Trevi. I signed us up for the beginner level class and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made; from the very first class I could tell Katie was the ‘real deal’. I’ve been to multiple trainers in different parts of the country and none even came close to the level of training & commitment that she offered. After my initial class with Trevi, I met with Katie to discuss the possibility of her also training my 2 year old Harelquin, Joker, who had anxiety. The very first time Joker met Katie, he took right to her; there was no question as to whether she was the right trainer for him. Through private and group lessons she helped Joker overcome a lot of his anxiety which I am very grateful to her for. During our 2 years of training with Katie, my boys and I took part in Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Level Advanced, Tricks 1, 2, & 3, Dance, Rally, CGC, and we were introduced to Agility! I have to say I feel I have some of the most well behaved and well rounded Danes out there and I owe it all to Katie! She not only trained my boys but me as well. I’ve learned so much training under Katie and I’m truly thankful! We were very sad when the decision was made for us to move to Florida, however we took all the knowledge we learned and still use it everyday! We love keeping in contact and sending her updates on the boys. I would highly recommend Katie as she is a magnificent trainer who has a special connection with animals that is unparalleled by any other.
P.S. Look for Trevi in the AKC conformation ring and coming soon the rally & agility ring to see what this amazing Great Dane has and still continues to accomplish! If you happen to see us at an event stop by and say ‘hi’, Trevi is more than happy to ‘shake’ your hand, give you a ‘hug’, show off his tricks, and even ‘wave goodbye’ until we meet again!


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