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Teach Your Dog How to Use Potty Bells

A step by step process of how to teach your dog about potty bells.

UKI US Agility Open

Katie competing at the 2019 US Open with her Pyrenean Shepherd Andreu.

Halloween Pet Tricks

A video by The Pet Collective, focusing on Katie's Tricks class at The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace.

AKC Rally National Championship

Katie competing at the 2019 Rally Nationals with her Pyrenean Shepherd Nyx.

Well Behaved Dogs

A compilation of KatherineK9 students practicing their training.

Hunter the Well Behaved Dachshund

Hunter showing off his tricks and obedience.

The Basic Behaviors All Dogs Should Know

Hunter and Hayden showing basic behaviors.

Andreu at 13 Weeks

Showing off the skills he has learned at 13 weeks.  It's never to early to start training!

Paw Crossing & Cleaning Up

Opal showing off two tricks; crossing one paw over the other, and putting her toys away.

Advanced Tricks

Some more advanced tricks shown by Joey, Opal, Bernie, Hunter, and Hayden.

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