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Training Services

Private Training


In your home, or at one of our locations.  This is the best way to get the one on one time and attention to bring your dog to her highest potential!  Private training is also the ideal way to deal with problem behaviors like aggression or fear.

*Due to high demand Katie has limited availability.  If you are interested in scheduling a private session, please send your inquiry through our Contact page.  If you don't receive a response within 48 hours feel free to send another message.

Group Classes


Classes taught in central locations once a week (same day and time) for a set number of weeks.  This is a great way to learn skills, socialize your dog, and teach them to focus around distractions!  We offer many different levels and absolutely every dog could benefit from a class!

For a list of upcoming classes go here.

Classes are taught through:

 My Best Friend Obedience

 Jump City Agility

Driven Dogs Agility

Board & Train


Have your dog trained while you are on vacation!  This is best if you want your dog to learn new skills, or to just maintain and perfect them while you are away.

All dogs are trained while boarding at Pampered Pet Hotel & Spa.

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