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The importance of training a dog is invaluable; it effects the quality of life for the dog, the relationship between human and dog, and the community’s view of dogs in general.  It is the difference between having a dog that you lock outside or shut away in a room, and having one that you can take with you places, greets your company politely, and makes life in general more pleasant and enjoyable.  A dog should add happiness to your life, not stress, tension, or anxiety.  The same should be true for the dog; their relationship with their human should not be stressful, or anxiety ridden, but instead happy and pleasant.  This is why trainer Katie McGuire’s focus is always on positive reinforcement training techniques to build a healthy and understanding relationship between humans and dogs.

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My Training Philosophy 

Healthy Mind and Body Dog Training

Dog training in a humane way to keep both human and canine counterparts happy and healthy. 

-Promoting positive rewards with food, play, and bonding exercises. 


*Love the dog you have; embracing each dogs unique personality and abilities, and understanding their comfort levels and what THEY truly enjoy.


*Enjoy your dog; finding activities that you enjoy doing with your dog to get more out of your relationship with them. 


Problem solving.

Dealing with behavioral issues in safe and secure ways that allow owner and dog to feel comfortable and happy at all times.

-Down time with your dog; being able to give yourself and your dog stress relief time to avoid frustration.

-Understanding why issues arise.

-Learning about your dog and what makes them tick.

-Teaching your dog new alternative behaviors to replace old undesirable ones.

Want to know more about why I train the way I do?  Check out my blog post that explains more about how I have changed my training style over the years:  Healthy Mind and Body Dog Training

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